Sunday 28 September 2014

Conrad Longmore

I was born in a factory and became a theoretical physicist at Los Alamos labs. After that I founded my own electronics firm and created a chain of hotels. I am currently working in law enforcement in Wyoming.

Well.. not really. But if you are cyber-stalking me, then here are a few resources for you to poke at:
  • I've run a website since the mid-1990s, and these days most of the accumulated crap^H^H^H^H content is at  with an active blog at that covers computer security and that sort of stuff.
  • You can find  me on Twitter here.
  • I have a Flickr here which mostly has photos of cars on it.
  • There's some more random stuff on YouTube here.
If you want more, then you're just going to have to stalk harder.